Friday, 14 August 2015

Sky Engineer didn't turn up but Skyteam seems to blame me for it - This is now solved and I am a happy Sky Customer

I was waiting on the 13th of August 2015 for Sky Engineer to arrive to install Sky broadband and telephone line for Sky talk.  Earlier this month I changed from Virgin TV to  Sky TV and I am quite happy with that. Then I decided to move my broadband and landline to sky as well.
I went online and made the order. Sky asked online that whether I wanted to keep my old number. I confirmed I would like my old number. Then I got a call I suppose from Virgin retention team. They offered several deals.  They said Sky would not be able to give me the same landline number. It's sky dirty tactics to get their (Virgin Media) clients. "They cannot give our telephone number and these numbers are ours etc etc" . I said "No,  I signed up online and it says clearly that I can retain my number".  She did not agree and said their Internet speeds are better. I said to her "Look I know Virgin has faster service. But in this instance I would want to switch." One of the reasons are that I tried to connect my wi-fi connection to Sky Box. I could not do that. I asked Sky and they said it is virgin hub blocking the wifi. I called Virgin and they said "No it is not them". After few phone calls and Sky Engineer came and fixed it. After all its Virgin Firewall blocked the connection.

 I came early from my holiday to Germany to be with Sky Engineer on the 13th instead of my Family who are still holidaying in Germany. I took half day off from my holiday allocation from my office.  I was sitting in front part of the house watching television and occasionally going to the kitchen to make a cup of tea from 12.50 pm to 6.00pm. We have an open plan in our house so we can notice if anyone comes to the front of the house.
On Tuesday 11th of August, Wednesday 12th of August and Thursday 13th of August I got calls from an unrecognised number. It was 08005979843. They called and then disconnected the line without saying anything. I said  "Hello" few times and  line was quiet. I searched the number googling it and found out lot of people complained about this cold calling. They supposed to be from Sky but asking dubious questions like credit or debit card numbers etc. Therefore I decided they are not really sky.
While waiting for the sky engineer around 16.09 pm I got a call from the same number. 08005979843. This time a male operator asked me how I am. I said I am ok. "How is the sky services?" he said. I asked him "Are you from Sky?" He says "I think you are not happy today sir" I asked again "Are you really from sky". Then he disconnected the line.
I had three text messages from Sky from Wednesday the 12th of August to Thursday the 13th morning informing me of impending Sky Engineers visit.

However, Nobody visited my property. Then I called Sky customer service. First sky operator moved me to different department supposed to be dealing with my installation. After 20mins wait, a women operator said "Hello" and then line went dead.
Tried again. Waited for 10 minutes and the sky operator connected me successfully to another team. I think I talked to someone called Chris. What he said to me was strange. He said, "Engineer visited my property around 5.30pm. He left a note. He (Engineer) allegedly noted that customer is angry that engineer cannot give the existing number and insisted having the old number. So he left."
I am shocked. I told the operator that is a white lie. No sky engineer visited my property. I was there all the time. Operator get annoyed. He said, "Sir, I am telling you in English".  Then said sternly "The Engineer came to your property and left". I told him "I am telling you in English no sky Engineer visited my property. I took half a day holiday and waited and waited."  Then he said, "You can set it up this yourself". Then I explained to him after disconnecting Virgin connection few weeks back something happened to our BT line. Three weeks ago, the BT line snapped into two pieces and one-half hanging from our wall. I have no idea how that happened. I told this operator Chris that," I called Sky and inquired with them. Then your sky operator told me Sky Engineer could fix the line as well. Therefore,  I can't set broad band connection myself. ". Operator then said he will try to reschedule and will come back to me. I said I need it Friday or during this weekend. I need my internet connection. He never called back.
Then around 8.00 pm, I get a strange call from 08000561044. Someone mumbled some gibberish and line went dead.  When I called back the same number and heard a recorded message. "This is sky. Someone from our department trying to call you but unable to do so". Why they do that. Call and cut off the line.

Thursday the 14th of August I got another message from sky. It said, "Phone engineer was not able to access your property to install your new phone line. Please call 03448222017 to make a new appointment. ". I called the number. I talked to a helpful operator called Ross Kelly. I explained the situation. He said someone from openReach left a note saying I was not at home. I replied to him this is a lie. No one turned up. I need someone to come today or weekend or at least Monday to install the service. He said he would call me back around 2-3 hours' time. He never called back.
Meanwhile, I logged into my Sky account and found out they reschedule another appointment for my house on 26th of August. This is too late. I am a blogger and I need my internet connections. I help few websites as well.
Exasperated from my ordeal I called Sky Again. This time 0332 number from my account. Call as redirected to another department and I talked to an operator called Alex. I said unless they can reschedule the installation to earlier date I have to cancel the order.  He said I am complaining that engineer is lying but I did not answer the sky call. I told him Sky Engineer never called. Those 0800 numbers are Legal and General on behalf of sky and they cut the line as soon as I said hello.  Then Alex said he would cancel all My TV and Sky Broadband as he cannot cancel only broadband and talktalk order. Another lie. I said, I took TV package earlier and I want that package. But ,I need my Internet connection and I can't wait until 26th of August. If sky can sell packages differently, he can cancel only that order. After that, he said he would do it. The reason I cancelled the order is I wanted to do it again online this time perhaps order Sky Fibre. I thought I don't need BT line if I order sky fibre,
 Out of curiosity I called 0344822 2017 number again. I wanted to find this elusive Ross Kelly. This time around remote sky operator (That's how she identified herself) told me someone will call me between 3.00pm to 4.00pm. Like in "24".
I called sky again Saturday the 15th of August. I talked to an operator called Liam. Yet again, I explained everything and told him I need to move to Sky Fibre. He said I still need BT line.  Interestingly he said Alex or Alexander informed me that appointment date scheduled for 26th but they could have come earlier. I still wanted to cancel the order. I told Liam that, it is not true again. Ross Kelly told me that but Ross never called back to confirm.  Liam said he would call around 5.00 pm. He never did. Then I got a call from 08005979843"Legal and General on behalf of Sky" number. This time around a female operator asked me how I am and if I am free to talk. She said she is from Sky. I told her I am driving. Then she said she would call back. Up to now no one did.

Cost of the calls to Sky is around £20 now.

I ended up having no internet connection now.

ref: Picture from Broadband-blog.